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Ellen Seltz

<p>Ellen Seltz has worked in the entertainment industry for twenty years, from Miami to New York and points in between. Her primary roles were actress and producer, but she&rsquo;s also served as a comedy sketch writer, librettist, voice artist, propmaster, costumer, production assistant, camera operator and general dogsbody.</p><p>She turned to fiction writing in the vain hope that the performers would do as they were told.</p><p>Ellen is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, where she lives with her two daughters and her husband, an award-winning filmmaker and media producer. She enjoys vegetable gardening and vintage-style sewing.</p><p>Meet Ellen on her blog, ellenseltz.com.</p><p>You can also contact her at:<br /> facebook.com/EllenSeltzAuthor,&nbsp;<br /> Instagram.com/mottleyfool, or<br /> @EllenSeltz on Twitter.</p>