About the author

A. Sakyiama

<p>A. Sakyiama was born in Ghana, West Africa. She grew up hearing many of the stories that she now retells for all of us to enjoy.</p> <p>She writes of the antics of wily folktale characters like Ananse, his son, Ntikuma and his clever wife, Aso. She tells stories of naughty and nice ghosts; scared but brave boys and girls; monsters that eat disobedient children; as well as fantastical tales about why things are the way they are.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> A. Sakyiama currently lives in the USA with her family. She is also an avid gardener or more accurately, a fierce warrior who defends her territory against marauding gangs of deer, woodchucks, rabbits and crows.</p> <p>Visit her at www.asakyiama.com.</p>