About the author

James M. Becher

<p><br /> JAMES M. BECHER, was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania,<br /> on June 8, 1943. In Jr. High School, he became interested<br /> in writing and drama, and in different historical&nbsp;periods.&nbsp; He wrote several poems and articles<br /> and a few short stories, plays and novelettes. In college, he<br /> won second prize in a contest with the Biblical short story,<br /> &ldquo;Beggarman-Thief,&rdquo; which now forms part of his Biblical novel, &quot;Of Such Is The Kingdom.&quot;<br /> He graduated from Clearwater Christian College in 1970<br /> with a B.A. degree in Bible-Literature, and Biblical School of<br /> Theology in 1974 with a Master of Divinity.<br /> Ordained in November, 1974, he served as assistant pastor/<br /> Bible teacher in several churches. He also served in a foreign student<br /> ministry, where he met his dear wife, Berenice Carett<br /> from Venezuela.</p>