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Amanda Pillar

<p><!--StartFragment-->Amanda Pillar is an USA Today Bestselling author and award-winning editor who lives in Australia.<br /> <br /> Amanda has had numerous short stories published and has co-edited the fiction anthologies <em>Voices </em>(2008), <em>Grants Pass </em>(2009), <em>The Phantom Queen Awakes</em> (2010), <em>Scenes from the Second Storey</em> (2010), <em>Ishtar </em>(2011) and <em>Damnation and Dames </em>(2012). Her first solo anthology, <em>Bloodstones</em>, was published by Ticonderoga Publications in 2012 and was followed by the sequel, <em>Bloodlines</em> in 2015.<br /> <br /> Amanda is the author of the Graced Series, the Tangled Threads series, and co-author (with K.V Adair) of the Moonlit Hills series.<br /> <br /> In her day job, she&rsquo;s an archaeologist.<!--EndFragment--></p>