About the author

Larry Brasington

<p> As an author I the stories I write are ones I want to read. Having grown up in the Black and White movie days I saw every black and white Horror film, Detective Story and war movie I could. The Thin Man, Kansas City Connection, Maltese Falcon, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Original Thing, the Day the Earth Stood Still, D-Day, Iwo Jima, Rhodan, Godzilla, just to name a few. I devoured books about American history.</p> <p> My first published story in 1968, &ldquo;Temple in the Swamp&rdquo;, a H. P. Lovecraft like tale, which might have been the start of my zombie phase. I enjoy writing stories that I would like to read. Currently I have published three novels: &ldquo;Alien Madness&rdquo; a science fiction tale, &ldquo;Unholy War: the Brandenburgers&mdash;Russia 41&rdquo; an alternative history-fantasy, and &ldquo;Beyond the Wall&rdquo; a historical adventure set in 168 AD in Scotland. I currently have a series of stories about Shane Eiland, Elf Detective called &ldquo;Sum Yung Gye&rdquo; and &ldquo;The Case of the Missing Husband&rdquo;. These are Noir style mysteries with a super hero flavor are my favorites and I hope the reader will enjoy them to.</p>