About the author

Barry Graham

<p>Dogo Barry Graham Sensei is a Scottish novelist, journalist, poet and Zen Buddhist monk. His novels are set in Scotland or the U.S.A. (where he lived for more than 20 years). His work has been published in magazines including <em>Harper&rsquo;s</em>, <em>Salon</em>, <em>Narratively</em>, <em>Flaunt</em>, <em>Parabola</em>, <em>The Big Clic</em>k and <em>Nerve</em>. He is the teacher of City Cave Zen Sangha.</p> <p>He lives in Glasgow.</p> <p>Readers are welcome to email him with questions about Zen practice: dogo@fastmail.fm</p> <p>Subscribe to his newsletter for book news and the occasional free story, essay or poem: https://tinyletter.com/BarryGraham</p>