About the author

Wee Dilts

<p>Wee Dilts is a native of Colorado. Growin up in a small town, she earned college money waiting tables&nbsp;and barrel racing in local rodeos.</p><p><br>She graduated high school at sixteen and went to college on a full scholarship.<br>She holds advanced degrees in education psychology and guidance.<br><br>Her life has been dedicated to helping others.<br>She has owned and operated her own FSBO real estate company since 1983.</p><p><br>She created the original Flat Fee MLS program.<br>She wrote state franchise sales training manuals and conducted sales seminars<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>Wee is a long time sober member of AA and a non smoker. She knows a bit about addiction and recovery<br>In her books she freely shares her experience and hope.<br>Her hobbies include: acrylic painting, clay sculpting, photography, writing and traveling.<br>She's a life time student of the metaphysical and spiritual life.</p><p><br>Writings include:<br>• Numerous self help ebooks<br>• Free articles on real estate and self help<br>• Franchise sales training manuals&nbsp;<br>• A “How to Sell Real Estate by Owner” book<br>• Two children’s books<br>• A poetry book<br>• Three sci-fi political satire fiction books.<br>• 12 Self help Ebooks<br>Her writings offer guidance for living life<br><br></p>