About the author

Janet Pywell

<p>I am the author of a Culture Crime Series that includes GOLDEN ICON (The Prequel), MASTERPIECE and BOOK OF HOURS.</p><p>I have also published a love story ELLIE BRAVO and a book of short stories RED SHOES.</p><p>My background is in travel and tourism and I use my experiences of living and travelling abroad and knowledge of locations as an integral part of scenes in my novels.</p><p>I have a passion for history and cultural heritage. I love to see people maintain deep-rooted traditions. Identity is an important part of us all and I believe understanding the lives of others creates respect and unity in our society.</p><p>My Culture Crime Series allows me to develop characters and to explore right and wrong whilst writing about our world heritage, art and ethnicity.</p><p>I am currently working on my next novel in the Culture Crime Series.</p>