About the author

Lila Lovecraft

<p> My name is Lila Lovecraft. I&#39;m a sorceress, scryer, necromancer, high priestess, and rootwytch. My knowledge of magick and the occult comes from long experience and training, though I must admit that some of my talent is hereditary.</p> <p> I also write fiction. I favor erotic romance mixed with bits of paranormal lore, mystery, horror, fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales, folktales, mythology, dreams, and gothic fiction. I hope you enjoy my stories, and if you do, a review is most appreciated.</p> <p> I own and run the old Belle Fleur Hotel for my paranormal clientele. Next door I also own the modern Caf&eacute; Karma, which is open to both human and paranormal patrons. This leads to many interesting situations that inspire my fiction.</p> <p> Thank you for your support and for stopping by.</p>