About the author

Jade Kerrion

<strong>To join my newsletter and access exclusive content, visit me at http://www.jadekerrion.com</strong><br><br>What readers are saying about Jade’s books:<br><br><strong>“…I wish I could award more than 5 stars!”</strong>–<em>Hillel Kaminsky</em><br><br><strong>“…This is the kind of series you’d expect to see with a movie deal.”</strong>–<em>Full Time Reader</em><br><br>At 3 a.m., when her husband and three sons are asleep, USA Today best-selling author JADE KERRION weaves unforgettable characters into unexpected stories.<br><br>Her debut science fiction novel, PERFECTION UNLEASHED, won six literary awards and launched the DOUBLE HELIX series which blends cutting-edge genetic engineering and high-octane action with an unforgettable romance between an alpha empath and an assassin. Readers continue their adventures in this dystopian Earth with the spin-off futuristic thriller series DOUBLE HELIX CASE FILES, starting with MIRIYA.<br><br>Jade's award-winning fantasy novel, ETERNAL NIGHT, immerses you in the post-apocalyptic world of AETERNAE NOCTIS where humans -- victims of a war between immortals -- are about to tip the balance.<br><br>LIFE SHOCKS ROMANCES, starting with AROUSED,&nbsp;features Jade’s sweet and sexy contemporary romance series, which proves that, at the very least, she knows how to alphabetize books.<br><br>Jade's devious plan for world domination begins with making all her readers as sleep-deprived as she is.