About the author

Andrew Livera

<p>Andrew Livera is the author of <em>&radic;</em><em>Root Korean: A Dictionary of Korean Root Words (Hanja)</em> and the software developer of the Android app, <em>&radic;Root Korean: A Hanja Dictionary</em>. He first studied Korean at the immersive Federal Service Language Academy (FSLA) program hosted by the University of North Georgia (UNG). During college, Andrew studied abroad for the summer of his sophomore year at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. After he noticed that some Korean words shared the same root words, he learned about Hanja. Andrew then realized that Hanja are to Korean as Latin is to English. He also realized that learning Hanja would help Korean learners to increase their vocabulary by being able to recognize the root words of new Korean words that they encountered in their daily lives. To help others become more fluent in Korean, Andrew decided to create a dictionary of Hanja. In his free time, he likes to maintain the foreign languages that he knows by reading or listening to material in the following foreign languages: French, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish. In the future, Andrew plans to learn Italian and visit Italy.</p>