About the author

J.J. Smiley

<p>Disappointed with titles that I read or watched in the theatre, it was time to write my own adventures. Just writing for personal pleasure at first and then publishing, has now become a joyful pastime.</p> <p>My wife who is always watching my back convinced me to go to press. She does not enjoy sci-fi, but I also write romantic murder thrillers which she enjoys immensely.</p> <p>In the rhythmic movement of Dr. Seuss, I also like to write rhymes. The rhyme must tell a story with witty and charming characters and keep the reader involved. It must have tempo and flow much like a song.</p> <p>Time in the military, college, heavy industry and the family around me consisting of 3 grown children and their husband and wives and their eight children and well as nine nieces and nephews and a long list of cousins and friends provide abundant source material.</p> <p>A life long native of south-east Michigan taking time in the quiet up-north to pound away on the keyboard to bring you satisfying stories of romance, suspense, and alien encounters is my goal.</p>