About the author

R.W. Taylor

<p>R.W. Taylor writes...a lot. Think twelve hour days with a good-old fashion notebook and pencil—yes, that's how he prefers it—although he uses a laptop, too...sometimes. He's most at peace when he's diving deep and getting lost in the act of creation. He prefers writing science fiction and romance, but he's written erotica, poetry (bad poetry), and even a 50,000-word survival-lite fiction novel that may or may not ever see the light of day. He likes to experiment with styles and writes across genres. He loves sharpening his skills through practice and experimentation. Short stories, novellas, novels; different tenses; serious stuff; light-hearted stuff; you name it. He likes to write about unique, imperfect characters who pull at your heartstrings because...they bleed. Or maybe one day he'll write about a perfect character with no flaws, or better yet, the most perfect character ever. When he's not writing, he works as a nobody associate at a secret chain store...somewhere in the universe.<br><br>He also likes naps, because, who doesn't like naps? And he likes his wife, too. She's pretty cool. Wait; scratch that. She's really cool. Without her, R.W. Taylor's writing would have never come to be. Probably because he's a perfectionist and she's always telling him not to throw stuff away. So thank her for what you read.<br><br>Let's see, what else?<br><br>Right! Chocolate. R.W. Taylor likes chocolate. Lots of it. He can't write without it. Brain food 101. So you can thank chocolate, too.<br><br>https://www.rwtaylorauthor.com/<br></p>