About the author

Kess Kirkwood

<p>I&rsquo;m originally from the Midwest, but moved to the West Coast as soon as I could. I love the sunshine, hot older guys, and looser morals out here. I&rsquo;m pretty kinky in the bedroom, wanting to try new things all the time. One of those things is Incest roleplaying. I&rsquo;ve never understood what the big deal was about incest&hellip; obviously, I had a huge crush on my Daddy growing up.</p><p></p><p>So now, I love to write stories drawn from personal experience, mine and some of my friends. All the dirty, nasty things we dreamt of doing with our family members, and each other&rsquo;s. Of course, there is a lot of &nbsp;imagination added in to spice things up.</p><p><br /> My stories explore all the things that can happen between daddies and daughters, cousins, nieces, siblings&hellip; pretty much anything incest related. Most are loving, even if the sex gets rough, but who knows what I&rsquo;ll feel like writing. I love long, detailed descriptions, which is why I&rsquo;m with Wicked Fantasies. I want to make you feel everything and have a story long enough for a &ldquo;Happy Ending!&rdquo;</p>