About the author

Olusegun Festus Remilekun

<p><strong>ABOUT THE AUTHOR</strong></p> <p>Olusegun Festus Remilekun, is also known as Pastor Fessy, is an evangelist, public speaker and a vessel of honor in the hands of God.</p> <p></p> <p>He is currently the president of Prophetic Declaration Ministries, also known as Prayerland Harvest Ministries International, an organization devoted to reaching the four corners of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing succor to the less privileged in the society, and setting people who are bound free from the shackles of Satan through the power of prophetic prayers and preaching the word of God.</p> <p></p> <p>&nbsp;He operates in power, teaching, and pastoral ministry. He is available for counseling, prayers, preaching and also for seminars. He is the author of bestsellers book-Prophetic Declarations for Breakthroughs.</p> <p>Olusegun is married to Grace and they are blessed with children.</p>