About the author

Gareth Edwards

<p>Gareth Edwards is a writer, musician and mentor.</p><p>He was born in Manchester, UK (average annual hours of sunshine - 1,416) and now lives in Nelson, New Zealand (2,477. And there&#39;s a beach.)</p><p>Gareth worked in mental health for 20 years and helped design innovative services based on human rights, peer support and online self-help.</p><p>He is also a heartfelt and uplifting entertainer whose show <em>Mad Love</em> won Best Solo Show and Best of Fringe awards at the Nelson Fringe Festival.</p><p>The Procrastinator&#39;s Guide to Killing Yourself is Gareth&#39;s first book.&nbsp;</p><p>For more details, visit www.gareth-edwards.com</p>