About the author

Chris Johnson

Step into the captivating world of Chris Johnson, a renowned imaginative author whose thrilling stories effortlessly blend science fiction, modern fantasy, the supernatural, and action and adventure, seasoned with a delightful dash of quirky humor.<br><br>Meet wisecracking heroes and heroines who navigate peculiar situations, their daring escapes leaving you breathless. Picture futuristic cities hosting audacious heists and far-flung corners of the world revealing unexpected encounters with the supernatural.<br><br>Drawing from his experiences surviving the 1980s on a diet of Atari computers, comics, and cool music in a small town, Chris brings a unique perspective to his craft. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from CQU and a background in public relations and communication, his diverse journey includes enchanting audiences as a magician and a mentalist, leaving them captivated with mystical performances. He has also read the palms of numerous celebrities, sharing insight and wonder with those in the limelight, and astounded audiences on television and radio by bending spoons and forks, adding a touch of wonder to his storytelling that transcends the boundaries of reality.<br><br>When not weaving captivating tales, Chris indulges in his passions for running, reading, writing, and immersing himself in the world of movies.<br><br>Currently, he embarks on an exciting creative journey, collaborating with the love of his life on an upcoming romance novel. This heartfelt and enchanting tale promises to captivate readers, exploring new horizons in his writing.<br><br>To stay up-to-date with Chris' latest works and receive exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses before their official release, sign up for his newsletter at <em>https://www.subscribepage.com/chrisjohnsonwrites</em>. Subscribers will also receive a complimentary gift that complements the thrilling worlds he creates.<br><br>By engaging with Chris, you can share your thoughts, insights, and excitement about his captivating stories and unforgettable characters. Your feedback is invaluable to him as he looks forward to building a vibrant community of avid readers and fans, making the journey through his enchanting worlds even more thrilling.