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Glynnis Campbell

<p>Glynnis Campbell is a <em>USA Today</em> bestselling author of swashbuckling &quot;medieval action-adventure romances,&quot; mostly set in Scotland, with more than 20 books published in six languages. Glynnis once rocked in an all-girl band called The Pinups on CBS Records, did voiceovers for the MTV animated series, &quot;The Maxx,&quot; <em>Diablo</em> and <em>Starcraft</em> videogames, and <em>Star Wars</em> audio adventures, and is married to a rock star. She loves to transport readers to a place where the bold heroes have endearing flaws, the women are stronger than they look, the land is lush and untamed, and chivalry is alive and well!</p> <p>Visit Glynnis at www.glynnis.net<br /> Friend Glynnis at www.facebook.com/glynnis.campbell<br /> Follow Glynnis at www.twitter.com/GlynnisCampbell<br /> Share with Glynnis at www.pinterest.com/glynniscampbell</p>