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John DeFoore Jr.

<p>John N DeFoore Jr Bio</p><p></p><p>Born 1946 . Preachers son, schooled in Alaska, Scotland, Alabama, Texas and Mississippi.</p><p>College in London UK, Texas.</p><p>No degree</p><p></p><p>Four year Military, rest of my life as professional musician. Last 20 years or so as Song writing teacher, also guitar, and mandolin etc.</p><p>I have been writing other than songs for only the last 12 years.</p><p>The Founder and lead instructor of The DeFoore Institute, John Defoore started playing guitar in 1959 and has been innovating way to reach and teach others for over 50 years.</p><p>His philosophy of teaching is to first and foremost inspire his student to discover just how far they can reach as an artist. From beginner to advanced instruction, DeFoore asks each student to tell him what they want to learn and he does his best to empower each student to reach their goal.</p><p>John started guitar in 1959 and have been playing and teaching ever since. Just tell me what you want to learn. From beginner to advanced I usually have something that he can add to his students playing.</p><p>For more than 40 years, his mission has been to introduce everyday people to the art and science, heart and soul of playing the guitar. I encourage my students by giving them &lsquo;permission&rsquo; to write their own songs; make their own music. Truth is, he makes his students write songs &ndash; it&rsquo;s part of their homework. For many, it turns out to be therapy. For others, the songs generate tears and laughter for family and friends. And for a number of former students, it&rsquo;s become part of a more public journey toward writing songs that have enjoyed audiences on a national scale.</p><p>In addition to guitar and songwriting, John also offer extensive training in music theory and performance.</p><p>Some approach their assignments with uncertainty and fear. Others take to the process like it&rsquo;s second nature. The way he sees it, EVERYONE can make their own music. There&rsquo;s no greater joy as you learn guitar than to create your own songs and be able to sing and play them for yourself, for your friends and family, and even for the world if that&rsquo;s what you want to do.</p><p>Several of my students have gone on to make names for themselves in the music industry. Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, Michelle Shock, Ryan Beaver, Jon Wolfe and many more.</p>