About the author

Holly Winter Huppert

<p><strong>Holly Winter Huppert</strong> is a teacher, a writer and a photographer who lives in upstate New York. She is known for teaching writing workshops to children around the world.</p><p>When the world wide pandemic hit, Huppert sat down and started writing <em><strong>Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story</strong>&#160;</em>to help children deal with the pressures of a changing world. The book as been received as "Essential" and has been read around the world.<br/> <br/> Her book <strong><em>Write Now: Ideas for Writers, </em></strong>introduces children to a fun way to write their wildest stories as well as their factual reports. Photo prompts for both fiction and nonfiction encourage originality, thoughtfulness and even silliness across all genres. Children are reminded, &#8220;When you are the writer, you are the boss,&#8221; so hand this book to your child and let years of research do it&#8217;s work as your child writes and writes. And writes.<br/> <br/> Be sure to check out her edited book of true stories written by children in a public Montessori school in upstate New York. <strong><em>"Caution: Do Not Read This Book" </em></strong>received rave reviews from near and far. Essays written by third and fourth grade students teach the rest of us about what children today are thinking about.<br/> <br/> If you like upbeat, fun reads, then you're going to love her memoir about living with two forms of amnesia:<strong><em> "Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias" </em></strong>which was a bestseller on Amazon.&#160;<br/> <br/> She edited a book of essays written by chronically ill middle school students, <strong><em>"Everything is a Song: Our Stories" </em></strong>which highlights the issues teens care about.<br/> <br/> Connect with Holly on her website, www.hollywinter.com,&#160; on her publisher's website: www.winuplypress.com, on Instagram&#160;@mshollywinter or on Facebook @mshollywinter. For more information about her books, go to www.winuplypress.com.</p>