About the author

Kevin C. Noel

Born in Lagos, Nigeria to a Diplomat and a Seamstress, Kevin C. Noel attended schools in Italy, Nigeria, China and the United States. During a dull Nigerian summer, he picked up a copy of “The Misenchanted Sword” by Lawrence Watts-Evans and was suddenly sucked into the world of fantasy. Soon after, he started writing his first novel which was simply called “The Chronicles of Garrick.” He spent his high school years in Beijing where he undertook the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. There, he developed a keen interest in history and literature. As part of the Creativity, Activity and Service component of the IB, Kevin wrote several screenplays for an imaginary angelic-themed urban fantasy television show he called “The Right Hand” and distributed the few episodes he had written to his school mates. After getting a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in Nigeria, Kevin moved to the United States for graduate school. There, he decided to finally finish the f series he had begun almost ten years earlier.