About the author

Donna Munro

<p>Donna Munro is an Australian author of women’s contemporary fiction and non-fiction. Her stories are character-driven, heart-warming, adventurous, suspenseful and romantic. Self-published novels include; <a href="https://warmwittywords.com.au/bookstore/"><i>The Zanzibar Moon</i></a>, <a href="https://www.warmwittywords.com.au/bookstore"><i>Kendwa’s Secret</i></a> and <a href="https://warmwittywords.com.au/my-books/"><i>Elephant Creek</i></a> (soon to be rebranded and re-released as a series). She self-published non-fiction book <i>How to Self-Publish in Oz </i>in August.</p><p>Born in Sydney, Australia, she grew up in the beach-side town of Port Macquarie, the Gold Coast, Queensland, and now lives on the Sunshine Coast. She’s a beach girl at heart.</p><p><i>Blueshell Beach</i> and <i>Bushfire Beach</i> contemporary women’s fiction seek representation or publication. Both have romantic suspense, similar settings and slight cross-over characters.</p><p>A successful freelance writer, she has been published in magazines such as <a href="https://warmwittywords.com.au/clips/"><i>The Australian Women’s Weekly</i></a>, <a href="https://warmwittywords.com.au/clips/"><i>Woman’s Day</i></a> and <a href="https://warmwittywords.com.au/clips/"><i>Take 5</i></a>, and anthologies. </p><p>Donna is the <a href="https://romanceaustralia.com/">RWA</a> Administrative Assistant, ex-<a href="https://romanceaustralia.com/home-1/hearts-talk-back-issues/"><i>Hearts Talk</i></a> Design Editor, graphic, newsletter and website designer. She completed the prestigious <a href="https://www.creativealliance.org.au/manuscript-development-project-for-sunshine-coast-writers/">Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance Manuscript Development Project</a> while polishing <i>Blueshell Beach</i>.</p><p> Donna never reached five-foot-tall but don’t underestimate her for the shortness. She confesses to an addiction to Peanut Butter, Sydney Roosters, sunflowers and exercise. When not at her work desk with a dog snoring beneath it, you’ll often find Donna on a beach. She’ll have a book in her hands and her toes in the sand<br></p> <p><br></p>