About the author


<p>Rodney L. Henderson Jr. - known to his readers &amp; fans as the pseudonym &lsquo;<strong><em>HoLLyRod</em></strong>&#39;, is the author &amp; creator of the highly controversial story, <strong><em>The Art of Cheating</em></strong>. Since graduating with a Business Administration degree from the <em>University of Central Missouri</em>, HoLLyRod has showcased his writing skills in various forms of art - including radio commercials &amp; music, as well as poetry &amp; promo spots for fashion companies such as <em>DymeWear Inc</em> &amp; <em>Ridikulus Kouture LLC</em>.&nbsp;</p><p></p><p>HoLLyRod&rsquo;s short story mini-series titled <em>#TheArtOfCheatingEpisodes</em> introduces readers to the many characters &amp; mystery behind <strong>HoLLyWorld</strong> and <strong><em>The Art of Cheating</em></strong>, while chronicling the ups &amp; downs of infidelity through experiences based on real life. The ongoing series is now available in digital format at online stores worldwide and in print edition from select retailers.</p><p></p><p>HoLLyRod currently resides in Saint Louis, MO, and now spends most of his time managing &amp; writing for <em>Angela Marie Publishing, LLC</em> - a company named after his late mother.&nbsp;</p><p></p><p><em>&quot;I just want to continue to be inspired at the notion of making her proud, and keep my promise to share my talents with the world.&quot;</em></p>