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John Hozvicka

<p><strong>Life Experiences:</strong></p><p/><p>* Private investor in the Stock Market since 1979</p><p/><p>* First president of the &#8220;PPG&#8221; (Partners for Profit and Growth) investment club 1997-1999</p><p/><p>* Financial Planning Specialist Diploma March 30, 2001, from The School of Financial Planning, subsidiary of Professional Career Development Institute.</p><p/><p>* Paralegal Diploma from Black Stone Career Institute Jan. 25, 2009</p><p/><p>* J and&#160;J&#160;Holding Company, senior portfolio manager 2009-2011</p><p/><p>* Author of &#8220;Stock Investing 101&#8221; training manual (you can purchase a copy go to the digital product page)</p><p/><p>* CEO of Financial Concepts &amp; Solutions LLC&#160;&#160;2012-present</p>