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Alaric Bond

<p> Alaric Bond was born in Surrey, and now lives in Herstmonceux, East Sussex. He has been writing professionally for over twenty years.<br /> His interests include the British Navy, 1793-1815, and the RNVR during WWII. He is also a keen collector of old or unusual musical instruments, and 78 rpm records.<br /> Alaric Bond is a member of various historical societies and regularly gives talks to groups and organisations.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Also by Alaric Bond</strong>:</p> <p> <em>His Majesty&#39;s Ship</em></p> <p> <em>The Jackass Frigate</em></p> <p> <em>True Colours</em></p> <p> <em>Cut and Run</em></p> <p> <em>The Patriot&#39;s Fate</em></p> <p> <em>Turn a Blind Eye</em></p> <p> &nbsp;</p>