About the author

Ritter Ames

Ritter Ames is the <em>USA TODAY</em> bestselling mystery author who writes the cozy Organized Mysteries series, the new Frugal Lissa Mysteries, &amp; the light-suspense Bodies of Art Mysteries.&nbsp;She loves to travel &amp; try new dishes, &amp; she loves sharing her love of places with her readers. She considers travel part of her research &amp; feels there’s no better way to translate settings to a page than to have actually been there. When she can take her blonde Lab along, too, it makes travel &amp; writing that much better. Ritter loves hearing from readers, &amp; her website -&nbsp; www.ritterames.com&nbsp; - has more information about her &amp; her books, as well as ways to connect with her via Facebook, Twitter, or through her blog. You can subscribe to her quarterly newsletter at -&nbsp; smarturl.it/NewsltrSubcribe&nbsp; - for sneak peeks, out-takes, inside scoops, special reader bonuses, cover reveals, alerts about upcoming sales, info on characters, &amp; series previews.<p><br></p>