About the author

Temi (Brodkey) Rose

Temi Rose is a multimedia artist: an actress, graphic artist, photographer, poet, dancer, videographer, and playwright. <br><br>She has produced punk rock concerts and plays as well as a women's poetry magazine, Perceptions which is collected at:<br>Wisconsin Serials Memorial Library (US)<br>New York Public Library (US)<br>South Bank Poetry Library (UK)<br>UMI - Bell and Howell Information and Learning (US)<br>Proquest (US)<br>National Library of Poetry (US)<br>The Feminist Archive (UK)<br>Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press (US)<br>Some issues available online at http://www.2cyberwhelm.org/perceptions/<br><br>Temi (Brodkey) Rose has been a member of the (Off-Broadway) Ensemble Studio Theatre in Manhattan, since 1978. Free audio books of classic plays that she has produced can be accessed on gutenberg.org at http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/46494<br><br>Temi has taught video art for Artists in the Schools in Montana, adult education in London for Greenwich College, The Prince's Trust and Save the Children Fund.<br><br>Dr. Rose has a Master's Degree in Adult Education, Instructional Technology from the University of Greenwich (UK), and the University of Texas at Austin. And a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, Technology and Art Education, with a concentration on conversation, from the University of Texas at Austin.<br><br>Temi has two beloved daughters and three adored grandsons. She is the only child of the late Harold Brodkey, novelist.<br><br>"The e-book medium is an exciting new adventure for me. I hope to produce many enjoyable, thought-provoking works to share." temi rose<br>