About the author

Emma Jaye

<p>I&rsquo;m a prolific, almost obsessive, reader/reviewer and author. My stories contain angst ridden, lusty and wonderfully imperfect characters with less than traditional attitudes to relationships. I always have a HFN or HEA ending but I do sometimes tease with a cliffhanger ending within a series. If you like sweet, perfect m/f couples, look elsewhere. My muse has taken me from scifi, and dark paranormal to contemporary romance, with relationship dynamics from m/f to m&eacute;nage and m/m.</p><p>&nbsp;Before finding out how much fun writing fiction is, I had various jobs including tropical fish farmer, nursery teacher and cat breeder (all involve rounding up small beings). I&rsquo;ve collected degrees in applied biology, psychology, sociology and special needs education. Along the way, I&rsquo;ve picked up a husband and had four sons who are mortified that mum writes about S.E.X. Husband doesn&rsquo;t seem to mind&hellip;</p><p>&nbsp;I love hearing from readers and always reply. Feel free to contact me via goodreads, where I can be found on most days, or via amazon,&nbsp; my website, facebook, or email.</p>