About the author

Daryl Rothman

<p>I&rsquo;m a writer. From childhood I kindled three dreams: to one day become a father, a writer, and a baseball player.</p> <p>Two of three ain&rsquo;t bad. (I shall neither confirm nor deny holding out deluded hope for the third.) Most of what I write is fiction, but not all. I write the occasional article and guest post, and conduct some interviews. I&rsquo;m an English major, have a masters in social work, and have been an early childhood leader/advocate for many years. I&rsquo;m sports-obsessed, love animals, and love to share the veritable treasure trove of pithy comments from my kiddos, particularly my little girl, about whom I receive regular requests for more &ldquo;Rachelisms.&rdquo;</p>