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<p>Steve Kayser&nbsp;is the author of &nbsp;&ldquo;<em>Acceptance Bridge: Crossing the Great Divide</em>&rdquo;; &nbsp;&ldquo;T<em>he Greatest Words You&rsquo;ve Never Heard: True Stories of Triumph</em>&rdquo;; an award-winning writer, former radio host, public speaker and the Founder of Kayser Media.&nbsp;In addition, Steve is also the co-author of &ldquo;<em>Margins and Missions&hellip;Not Moonshots: Pathways to a Better U.S. Higher Education</em>&rdquo;; and editor of &ldquo;T<em>he Surgeon and the Spirit: A Panoramic View of a Journey in Academic Medicine</em>.&rdquo;</p><p><strong>Contact:</strong></p><p>Email: <strong>Steve@SteveKayser.com</strong></p><p>Website: Http://www.stevekayser.com</p><p>Website: Http://www.kaysermedia.com</p><p>Twitter:&nbsp;@SteveKayser<br /> LinkedIn:&nbsp; http://bit.ly/1bYft8n</p>