About the author

Kent Holloway

<p>International bestselling author Kent Holloway is the author of six paranormal thrillers, including his highly acclaimed Ezekiel Crane series, as well as his forensic thriller, CLEAN EXIT. He&rsquo;s also written his first installment of a pirate fantasy called the Tombstone Voodoo&mdash;a series that steps directly into the world of the dead&mdash;in the shared pirate world series, Tattered Sails.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Besides his usual fare of atmospheric folklore-inspired mysteries, thrillers, and adventures, Kent also plans to expand his library to writing more Christian fiction. More details on that coming soon.<br /> <br /> For now, Kent is currently hard at work on his Winterking series with plans to re-release The Crown of Nandur (newly revised and edited) this summer and then book two of the series, The Children of Maerhaven in November.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Find him at&nbsp;www.kenthollowayonline.com.</p>