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Ryn Shell

<p>Ryn Shell&nbsp;is creating demonstration tutorial videos and ebooks that encourage&nbsp;creativity and the appreaciation of nature. This is&nbsp;made possible by your patronage.</p> <p>MISSION STATEMENT&nbsp;</p> <p>Now that I have&nbsp;retired from exhibiting fine art in galleries, I seek to pass on my sixty-five years of experience in the creative arts to others.&nbsp;<br> I can&nbsp;achieve this, by having the project funded, and delivering the tutorials at an affordable price to everyone, through Patreon.</p> <p>I&#39;m blessed with decades of past fine-art and literature training, and the experience of having had an Internationally successful, multi-award-winning career in the arts and literature. I plan to pass that know-how on to today&#39;s generation.<br> Happy Creativity,&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Ryn Shell</em></p>