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Vernita Simmons

<strong>You are God's Precious Treasure -His Masterpiece, One-of-a-kind that's worth more than all the gold in Fort</strong>&nbsp;<strong>Knox</strong><br><strong>Vernita Simmons</strong>&nbsp;is an inspiring author, speaker, and personal publishing consultant of twelve books, four published within a year of her becoming a self-published author.&nbsp;<strong>Come travel</strong> with the <em>little girl</em> who grew up reading the Bible to her <em><strong>grandmother</strong></em> who was blind. After losing her job to abuse of power, resulting in an extended season of unemployment and no consistent means of income, she became a Freelance Writer.<br><br>Becoming <em>well accepted, and popularly appreciated</em> by readers on several social media platforms, she wrote her first book, <strong>Capturing The Spirit Of God’s Word With Vernita</strong>, an empowering story that demonstrates how faith, hope, courage, and God’s amazing love can use your brokenness and transform you and make you an extraordinary example of <strong>beauty from ashes. </strong><br><br>Vernita’s <strong>devotionals</strong> reveal her passion for the underprivileged, the unloved, the outcast, and those with low self-worth. Her desire to <em>empower</em> and help bring out the purpose already in them, live a phenomenal life and be victorious through their toughest seasons. She&nbsp;encourages&nbsp;you&nbsp;to&nbsp;see&nbsp;that <em>greatness</em>&nbsp;lies&nbsp;in&nbsp;you, and&nbsp;you&nbsp;can&nbsp;do&nbsp;what&nbsp;you&nbsp;thought&nbsp;you&nbsp;never&nbsp;could.&nbsp;<br><br>