About the author

Suzanne Ravelle

<p>Suzanne Ravelle lives on a beautiful Island off the South coast of England; closer to France than London. Graduating in Law, her career has included a stint behind the scenes with a major sponsor of the English Football team, some six years legal practice and the founding and running of her own telemarketing company for over a decade. She continues to work in this field. Like many a fabled heroine, Suzanne has developed the tenacity to achieve whatever she&rsquo;s set her mind to. <em>Her Master&rsquo;s Slave</em>, a dramatic, sensual romance set in ancient Rome, is her debut novel. Its completion heralds the culmination of a long-held dream. It is the first of a series of historical romantic adventures set in Emperor Nero&rsquo;s Rome. She hopes her readers love it as much as she&rsquo;s adored writing it.</p>