About the author

Sky McCoy

<p><strong>Sky McCoy writes HEA</strong><strong> M/M Romance and erotica books of men who enjoy being gay, hot, sexy and in love.</strong><strong> Love is the theme of Sky&#8217;s</strong><strong> M/M books</strong><strong> where you find</strong><strong> drama, hot</strong><strong> men, hot</strong><strong> sex where the sex never cools, even if the drama does. </strong></p><p><strong>When Sky isn&#8217;t writing</strong><strong>, you can check the interstate, because y</strong><strong>ou may discover Sky driving west after living in New York for years. You can reach Sky here </strong><u>skymccoy0@gmail.com</u><strong> anytime you want to chat. &#160;</strong></p><p><strong>Sky&#8217;s favorite authors are, Elle Frank, J. R. Ward, Nora Phoenix</strong><strong>, Gianna Holmes, Riley Hart, and Josh Lanyon. Sky is constantly adding more authors to the list of favorites. </strong><strong>&#160;</strong></p>