About the author

Max C. Payne

<p>A confessed tv-holic, Max didn&rsquo;t truly pick up reading until she was forced to attend boarding school and discovered reading was a much better substitute. She&rsquo;s been hooked ever since. She read every book she could get her hands on and then some when she stumbled upon yaoi. Only, most of the books she read didn&rsquo;t go the way she wanted them to, and an author was born. She&rsquo;s been writing almost as long as she&rsquo;s been reading and loves criticism in all forms to build her ability as an author.</p><p>Max can be contacted at:<br /> maxpaynecullen@gmail.com<br /> www.wattpad.com/user/max2payne0</p><p>For a free ebook copy of Dreams and a Home&nbsp;deleted and extra scenes, go to:</p><p>https://maxcpayne.wordpress.com/</p>