About the author

Ana Bilic

<p>I was born in 1962 in Zagreb, Croatia and have been living in Vienna, Austria since 1995. I am a full-time author in literature and a playwright: my first publications I made in 1995. Thus I started my artistic career as author and have been shooting short films in the meantime as well. I consider these art styles &ndash; literature, theater, films &ndash; as possibilities of expression, whereby I can give shape to my oeuvre. Even the field of didactics, which by definition is not artistic, I consider as a platform of unique ideas that is only in the background defined by the requirements of lege artis.<br /> If you wish to learn more about me and my oeuvres, please refer to <u><strong>www.ana-bilic.at</strong></u>. Thank you for your visit.</p>