About the author

Shannon McRoberts

<p>Shannon McRoberts is a lifelong Kentuckian who holds a BA in Psychology, with minors in Sociology and Art from Georgetown College.&nbsp;She has used her education throughout her career, working in many exciting arts and literary related fields including comic creation, eBook cover design, and website design.&nbsp;Always a lover of fantasy, she enjoys comic books, RPGs, and fantasy-based themed shows.</p><p>Shannon currently weaves myths and magic as a fantasy author and artist. She is the author of&nbsp;<em>The Daughter of Ares Chronicles</em>&nbsp;and illustrator for the graphic novel adaptation of the series. She often sums up her signature series in a single line: Imagine if Xena and Buffy fall into Middle Earth and run across&nbsp;<em>Blade Runner</em>&nbsp;while trying to save the universe.</p>