About the author

Sheila Mughal

<p>I was born in the industrial mining town of Leigh in Lancashire; a small place tucked away in the North West corner of England. As someone who adores history, genealogy, mythology, philosophy, castles and all things strangely secretive and paranormal, I decided to blend all the things I love into &#39;The Prophesy of Tamar&#39; series.&nbsp;</p><p>My first book is &quot;The Lines of Tamar&quot; and it&#39;s sequel &#39;The Unbeknown&#39; has just been published. The 3rd book in the series (Clarah) will follow late 2017.&nbsp;</p><p>Although placed in the science fiction genre, note that all books are well-researched, and so contain more than a hint of truth. Along with many twists and turns, some sentimentality and a surprise scattering of wit, the reader should be thoroughly entertained and taken onto a journey into their own imagination. Note that my website contains pictorial and musical interpretations of both books -just for fun!&nbsp;</p><p>http://www.sheilamughal.com</p>