About the author

Kapil Dev Singh Rawat

<p>The Guy who is from Himalayas and published his first three books using the Himalayas in every title .</p> <p>1. Haiku From Himalayas : With love</p> <p>2. Riskyism : Call of Himalayas&nbsp;</p> <p>3. Himalayan Melodist : let The Himalayas croon.</p> <p>Kapil Dev Singh Rawat Holds&nbsp;engineering degree in electronics and communication which means he is electrifying&nbsp;&nbsp;but do not perform in IT companies&nbsp;and self proclaimed psuedo buddhist.&nbsp;</p> <p>He is architect/painter&nbsp;of &nbsp;dreams, A semi retired real life hero and Half Monk &nbsp;.</p> <p>A bad comedian and saint of second city who writes whatever he wants to write.&nbsp;</p>