About the author

Patti Berg

<p><em>USA Today</em> bestselling author Patti Berg started writing in fifth grade. That first writing attempt turned into a play that she and a couple of friends produced as a puppet show for hospitalized children. In seventh grade she fell in love--with Paul McCartney!--and wrote the firsts of many love stories where Patti and Paul walked off into the sunset together. Years later, in 1994, Patti&rsquo;s dream of becoming a published author came true with the release of her first book, ENCHANTED. Since that time, Patti has had numerous other novels published, many of them landing on the USA Today bestseller list and winning awards.<br /> <br /> Patti has been called &quot;one of the best spinners of tales the genre has to offer&quot; by Affaire de Coeur magazine and &quot;an exceptional voice in the field of romantic fiction&quot; by Romantic Times. New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander says &quot;Patti Berg simply sizzles!&quot; and the Dallas Morning News calls her books &quot;Excellent!&quot;<br /> <br /> Patti, husband Bob, and their very big Newfoundland named Riley live in Idaho and love to travel!</p>