About the author

Sufian Cotto

<p>My name is Sufian. I am 21 years old but the extensive amount of personal growth and wisdom I have acquired in a mere two decades makes my place within my age group very unusual. I wrote The Merge Between Heaven and Hell starting from sixth grade until my high school graduation. I got a summer job when I was 18 to pay the publication out of pocket. The only time I lived anywhere rent-free was at my mother&rsquo;s house. So I took advantage of that time to invest in putting my foot in the door of published writing. I may not be a well-known writer like my idol, J. K. Rowling, but even she started from the bottom and earned her way to fame. If she can make her way to the top from a humble beginning, then why can&rsquo;t I? I am in college to major in Psychology because matters of&nbsp;the mind intrigues me. I go to church every&nbsp;Sunday. I work out regularly. I practice resilience. I believe that the key to life is to work on yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically. And to also apply those things to any external connection with other people.</p>