About the author

Scott Richards

<p>Scott Richards was born on 10th January 1986, in Hove, East Sussex, and, after leaving school decided to pursue a career in law. He was employed as an office junior at a firm of litigation lawyers, hoping to progress and eventually practice law, joining the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, passing the examinations to qualify as a member. He discovered this was not only a daunting process, but also downright tedious.<br /> He quit and took a vacant post working for the Brighton and Hove City Council parks and green spaces management, and, in what little spare time he had, began writing short horror and mystery stories.<br /> Orphan is the first part of &#39;Hunger&#39;; a series of books about Christopholus Janse Van Vuuren, the cannibalistic killer.<br /> Scott&#39;s writing is inspired in part by Stephen King, and Thomas Harris, citing Pennywise the clown and Hannibal Lecter as his favourite characters.<br /> He is married to Clarice, has twin boys, Raife and Alexander, and is currently renovating a rather run-down and ramshackle cottage on the road between Plumpton and Lewes, which he hopes will eventually become the family home.<br /> In the meantime, he is working on more stories...</p>