About the author

Jaime Russell

<strong>Movies, gaming, and books. Oh My!&nbsp;</strong><br><br>Jaime Russell grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, but she currently resides in a smaller town in Indiana. She lives in the country with her husband, and she is caregiver to her parents and mother in law. Jaime suffers from some autoimmune diseases, so on her good days she is active and most likely shopping. But on her bad days, she spends time curled up with her fuzzy blanket, escaping reality with her puppy Annie.&nbsp;<br><br>Jaime is a mom to four adults plus a couple of kids that she unofficially adopted. She is also a grandmother to a wild boy with a personality all on his own and a sassy granddaughter, and both of them have stolen her heart. She is an aunt to two crazy nephews and two nieces, as well as being the oldest child in a family of three and their spouses. Life has never been dull for Jaime, and family means everything to her.<br><br>She enjoys watching movies, shooting guns, and spending time with family and friends. She is an avid gamer when her internet permits, as she enjoys talking and goofing off with her online family.&nbsp;<br><br><em><strong>Jaime Russell never liked reading growing up, but now she never goes anywhere without either a paperback or her Kindle because there is always a new book boyfriend to be discovered.</strong></em>