About the author

PJ Jones

<p>P.J. Jones received the Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Award for True Crime in 2022 as co-author of <em>The Evil I Have Seen: Memoirs of Detective Lt. Robert (Robbo) Davidson. The true-crime non-fiction received accolades from readers and critics alike, chronicling Detective Davidson's four-decade career in Louisiana law enforcement.</em></p><p>Mendocino Jones in<em> No Place for the Weak at Heart</em> is Jones' debut fiction, a romantic mystery suspense novel set in the rugged country of far West Texas.</p><p>Jones brings decades of experience working as a crime reporter to her stories. "None of my characters are based on any one person. They're all composites of West Texans loved, lost, or loathed, who are a breed unto themselves.</p><p>"Life is different west of the Callahan Divide, where the wind never rests and the sun seldom retreats; where rain is a blessing never to be taken for granted, except when it comes as a nightmare swelling long-dry riverbeds into demons that devour everything and everyone along their paths. You have to live West Texas to love it. Harsh country. Rough people with sunburned faces, calloused hands, and indomitable spirits."</p>