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Ronald E. Newton

<p><em><strong>Ronald E. Newton</strong></em></p><p>I spent eight years with the USAF Security Service serving overseas. Military intelligence is not an oxymoron. Worked several years as a medicare claims examiner for the state of New Jersey. Finally found a job I liked. Meaning I love to work my job. After 32 years retired from IBM as a networking consultant. It was an eye opener to work in the back rooms of corporate America.</p><p>Some where in the journey I married a southern belle and moved to the south. Two sons and daughter entered my family and all of them have left home to be on their own. They still come back though. After receiving helping hands in my career, I taught for free, the SAT in Greensboro, NC for 25 years. Every college graduate was a satisfying victory for me and my students. The lesson learned there was don&#39;t teach---Mentor!</p><p>Became immersed in a new network called the Internet. Imagine PCs instead of water cooled main frames. Worked to launch free blogs at triadblogs.com. Developed mentoring site for SAT, GED and Personal Finances. I have a personal blog at www.rnewton.net/wordpress/ and an author&#39;s website at www.rnewton.net. You may email me or get links to my mentoring sites from my author&#39;s website. Please drop by and kick the tires.</p><p>I was first published in Negro Digest in 1964. My how the years have flown.</p><p><strong>Why should you give a book review? </strong>Take a look at this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf0T37CeqIY</p><p><br /> <strong>How to write a book review.</strong> Watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuxopkUVNds</p>