About the author


<p>I recently retired from being a pastor for nearly 50 years in Oregon and Idaho. I am old enough to have asked a lot of questions about life and about God. My motive in sharing this book and my website is to challenge myself and others to think more seriously about the real issues of life. I have found it very easy to stay in ruts in the way I think and the way I live.<br/>&#13; Realizing the biased way I tend to view my own life, I find it very helpful to work at seeing my own life, and the lives of others from God&#8217;s perspective as He gives it in the Bible. I share my thoughts with the hope that you too will think more seriously about the life you really want and need, and the LIFE that God offers and provides. &#160;<br/>&#13; With my wonderful wife, we have a son and daughter, their spouses and five very busy grandchildren. We very much enjoy living in Idaho.</p>&#13; &#13; <p/>&#13; &#13; <p/>