About the author

Adam Miller

<p>I was born in quite possibly the greatest sports city in the country: Boston, Massachusetts. Thanks to my uncle, I became fascinated with superheroes and villains at a young age. I spent the majority of my youth reading comic books and watching superhero cartoons like &#8220;Batman: The Animated Series.&#8221;</p>&#13; &#13; <p>As I grew up, I never lost my love for superheroes, but did lose my love for snow. After graduating from college, I decided to leave the cold weather and move down to southwest Florida. Now I spend most of my free time traveling with my fianc&#233; and complaining about the Florida heat.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>I never gave too much thought to writing, as I was not an avid book reader &#8211; more of a &#8220;wait until the movie comes out&#8221; type. However, I got the idea to create my own superhero universe, sat down, and started writing. After about a year, I&#8217;d been able to blend biblical, ancient, and modern history into a captivating superhero universe. Now I&#8217;m ready to share it with the rest of world.</p>