About the author

P J Whittlesea

P J Whittlesea is an author and singer-songwriter. Originally hailing from a little town in outback Australia, he now lives in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, a place where cats outnumber people.<br><br>His debut novel, LORELESS, about a man in search of his roots, was inspired by his experiences with indigenous people. It has been nominated for two Australian literature awards.<br><br>Upon completion of LORELESS, his children asked him to write something for them. His vivid imagination invented a witch with a twist. Unfortunately for them, the story grew into something which isn't strictly for children. However, his children still enthusiastically help with plot development. The reasoning being, if they don't understand what is going on, nobody will.<br><br>Current books in the Anaïs Blue series:<br>THE CITY OF SHADES: Anaïs Blue Prequel<br>THISTLE WITCH: Anaïs Blue Book 1<br>DISCOVERING MAGIC: Anaïs Blue Book 2<br>A NEW SOURCE OF MAGIC: Anaïs Blue Book 3<br>A WITCH’S CALLING: Anaïs Blue Book 4<br>MAGIC AWAKES: Anaïs Blue Book 5<br><br>(Join the author's tribe of avid readers via his website and download your copy of the prequel to the series for free)<br>​​​​​​​<br>Anaïs Blue has her own Facebook page at:<br>www.facebook.com/GoodWitchAnaisBlue<br>Join her there and don't be afraid to comment on her witchy witticisms. The author will make sure she behaves herself.<br><br>​​​​​​​Coming soon:<br>A completely new psychic detective series!<br><br>You can contact him online and follow his writer's journey at:<br>www.pjwhittlesea.com<br>twitter @PJWhittlesea<br>pinterest.com/pjwhittlesea<br>facebook.com/pjwhittlesea<br>instagram.com/pjwhittlesea<br><br>A writer is nothing without readers, and he would love to hear from you.