About the author

Carl Matlock

<p>I have practiced medicine since 1971 after graduating from Indiana University School of Medicine. Following residency training years, I became board certified in Family Medicine and later in Emergency Medicine. My practice has been in Indiana, both in small towns as a Family Doctor, and in large inner city Emergency Departments. I am currently practicing Family Medicine in Geriatrics as I finish my career in medicine in the next couple of years.&nbsp;</p><p>My writing interest is first in historical Christian action / adventure stories, and second in writing about my experiences in medicine.</p><p><u>Rebels, Romans, and the Rabbi</u>&nbsp;was my first historical Christian novel, published initially in 2012. I will complete and anticipate publication of the second book in the series later this year.</p><p>I have also published my first book about my medical experiences, <u>The Annals of a Country Doctor</u>, in late 2017.</p><p>I have a new blog about my books&nbsp;and my family at carlmatlockmd.com</p><p></p>